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Luc Poirier founded this company in 2003 and since then, the company's vocation has been to start and invest in bold and innovative projects in several fields. It is in real estate that the company is best known. 

At its beginnings, the company quickly built up a real estate stock of a few hundred homes and several commercial properties. In 2005, the company moved more towards land development by acquiring the former Goyer quarry in St-Bruno. The audacious project of transforming the quarry into a high-end residential real estate project was then launched.

In 2007, the company acquired land on Île Charron, between Boucherville and Montreal. After strong media coverage and 4 years of government pressure, the land was finally bought back in 2011 by the Quebec government. Paradoxically, even if the company had no more liquidity after the purchase of Île Charron, these 4 years of government stockpiling are prosperous years for the company which is growing rapidly and now intends to develop larger projects.

In 2011, Poirier is building one of the first Griffintown towers in a neighbourhood whose development is in its infancy. It is a huge success and the 20 floors are sold very quickly in less than two months.

Three years later, the company broke new ground worldwide by building a 10-story tower without the help of cranes. The Rubic is the first tower built using Upbrella technology, in which Poirier was the main shareholder. This revolutionary new technology consists of building a tower starting with the roof. It allows for greater safety, flexibility and savings on many costs.

In 2015, Poirier won the tender for the purchase of the Montreal Children's Hospital, which is currently one of the largest projects under development in Quebec.

In its 16 years of existence, Poirier has invested in more than a dozen fields of activity, such as: restaurants, import-export, retail sales, distribution, automobiles, water spas, recharging stations, manufacturing, computers, reforestation, self-service bicycles (Bewegen, present in more than 15 cities around the world) and of course, real estate.

Today, the group owns about twenty entities. Poirier is now one of the largest land developers in Quebec and a key player on the South Shore of Montreal. In particular, Poirier has acquired some sixty million white zoned, developable square feet that will accommodate close to 20,000 new residences and businesses, worth close to $10 billion, over the next few years.

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Poirier invests in innovative and daring projects.

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There is no useful investment without innovation, no innovation without creativity, no success without integrity!

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Integrity, creativity, ambition